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Benefits of Aluminum Pool Fencing

5th Jul 2021 in Pool Fencing

Fencing one’s pool area is just as important as fencing one’s home or property. The main premise behind erecting fences is to provide added security and, in some instances, serve as complimentary pieces that enhance aesthetics and adds to a certain location’s depth and ambiance. Nowadays, Installing pool fencing is almost always a co-requisite of owning a backyard pool; not only does it work well in keeping people and the pool itself safe from within, but also keeps at bay potential threats and unwanted company.

While glass is the more popular option to go with in regards to pool fencing, we cannot deny the usefulness and downright sturdiness of aluminum pool fencing. Aluminum is among the most abundant and widely used materials around the world. Aluminum is more than adequate as pool fencing material as it is exceptionally strong despite being lightweight. Comparing it with glass pool fencing, going with aluminum pool fencing is more preferential. Taking into account functionality and effectiveness, there is not really much difference between these two materials, however, below are a few key considerations so as to tailor-fit your pool security needs.


The primary function of fencing is to provide security. As such, it is imperative that fencing material meets safety standards. Due to aluminum being a metallic element, its chemical composition and general characteristics make it innately durable. Unlike regular iron, aluminum is much more resistant to rusting and corrosion. In fact, it comes out almost unscathed even during extremes in weather conditions – aluminum suffers little to no moisture damage and remains intact regardless of the level of exposure to the sun. Aluminum pool fencing is also specially treated so it doesn’t degrade even when subjected to extremely low temperatures that would normally make other metals brittle.

Ease of Use

With aluminum pool fencing you have very little to worry about in terms of installation and maintenance. Since pieces come pre-panelled, installation is as easy as plug-n-play. No specialized tools needed as well, at best one would only need a wrench and a screwdriver. Aluminum, unlike iron, does not rust and does not require additional treatment to protect against corrosion and other forms of atmospheric damage. One can, however, opt to apply specialized coating onto the surface to provide an additional layer of reinforcement and durability.


Due to its abundance, aluminum is highly affordable and is easy to produce. Perhaps more than its durability is the appeal of its rather budget-friendly price. This is one of the stronger points of aluminum, in that it has the appearance and class of wrought iron pieces, at a fraction of the cost. This is definitely a much welcomed addition to any regal backyard pool space.


What to choose as far as your pool fencing is concerned is ultimately a matter of preference. Simply keep in mind that though it might not fit in as aesthetically as glass, aluminum if very much still a viable option; it is reliable, is user-friendly and not to mention, affordable.

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