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Cheap Aluminium Pool Fencing Melbourne

5th Jul 2021 in Pool Fencing

AVI Glass’s exquisite pool fencing has brought safety and style to homes all over Melbourne for the past three decades. There is a large selection of panel and gate sizes to custom fit any home’s backyard. If you’re looking for cheap aluminium pool fencing in Melbourne, AVI Glass is an excellent choice.

We have various types of fencing to suit your personal preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a sleek contemporary design or something more rustic, we’re here to help you get your dream fencing.

Tubular Boundary Fences

Tubular boundary fencing can come in various styles. The standard height for aluminium pool fencing is 1200 mm high, tall enough to keep out unwanted visitors from your pool. There is a broad range of colours and styles to choose from, so you can make your fence entirely suited for your style.

We also offer expert installation for fencing around a driveway or yard, if this is a service you need. Fencing can be mounted to posts or run along walls.

Flat Top

Flat top fencing is one of the most popular choices for cheap aluminium pool fencing in Melbourne. Its clean lines & simple design easily complement various styles of pools and backyards.

Picket Top

Picket fencing is reminiscent of old-house details and can give your home a more farmhouse look. Unlike flat top fences, the tops are rounded or pointed to provide a unique element of style.

Double Top Rail

Double top fencing has a double picket with a smooth top rail and posts between the two top rails. It combines flat top and picket top fencing styles to create a unique design.

This is a popular choice since double top rails give your backyard a contemporary, one of a kind look.

Modifying Existing Fences

Even if you have a pool already, it might not be compliant with local safety regulations. We are happy to reconstruct existing boundary fences to be in line with the standards in your area. During our visit, we will advise you on the most cost-effective and time-efficient ways to update your boundary fence.

Why Choose Aluminium?

Aluminium is both an affordable and durable choice for pool fencing. Our cheap aluminium pool fencing in Melbourne can conform to many different styles. There are several different colours available, and many different top rail options.

When you choose aluminium fencing, you can rest assured knowing that it’ll last for years to come. It’s resilient and robust enough for the Melbourne climate. Even if it’s near water, it won’t rot or rust.

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One of AVI Glass’s defining features is that we offer an obligation-free quote. Our specialists will evaluate your unique situation and requirements. Then, we will put together a plan and quote for your new boundary fencing.

To find out more about cheap aluminium pool fencing in Melbourne, contact us at (03) 9799 9005 or fill out our contact form. One of our specialists will be happy to quote you in a timely fashion.