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Glass Pool Fence Cost [A Guide]

5th Jul 2021 in Pool Fencing

Before beginning any pool fencing project, you should consider the finished product’s costs and benefits. Glass pool fencing can be a beautiful transformation to your outdoor space. Still, it can be costly and time-consuming.

Proper fencing is an essential part of having a pool, but it can sometimes ruin the pool’s look. With glass pool fencing, you get both the safety benefits and the added aesthetic value of a glass fence. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the costs and benefits of installing a glass fence around your pool.

Costs of Glass Pool Fencing

Though the overall cost depends on the individual project, here are some estimates. The most affordable option would be the semi-frameless glass pool fencing. The second most affordable would be frameless glass pool fencing. Finally, the priciest option would be a frameless glass balustrade.

Additional fees include the cost of removing old fencing, pool fencing certification, and more. Though you could buy your own fencing from Bunnings Glass Pool Fence, for example, you’d still have to pay for installation, certification and more.

AVI Glass is a full-service solution for glass pool fencing. We send out our own employees to do the installation and certification. This saves you the time and effort from looking for separate companies for installation, certification and more. Instead of putting your trust in many different companies, you only need to rely on one.

Benefits of a Glass Fence

A glass pool fence adds to the property in terms of aesthetics, safety & financial value.

  • Aesthetically pleasing. A glass pool fence looks more modern and sophisticated than aluminium or steel fencing. You’ll also be able to style your backyard with plants, furniture, and home decor without anything blocking the view.
  • Superior safety. Animals and small children may be able to fit through the slots on metal or wood fences. With glass, no child or animal can pass through. You’ll also be able to see your kids swimming through the glass easily.
  • Financial investment. Since glass is tough and durable, it’ll last through the years. If you decide to sell your home, the glass fence around your pool will raise your property value. In that sense, a glass pool fence is a wise investment.

Options for Glass Pool Fencing


A frameless glass pool is just how it sounds: a fence without any framing. This gives an entirely unobstructed view of the pool. It also has a stunning visual appeal that gives your outdoor space a resort-like feel.


A semi-frameless glass pool fence is stylish and customisable. It also provides top-notch safety while being a bit more affordable than a fully frameless glass fence or balustrade.

Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades consist of a top and bottom aluminium rail over glass panelling. A glass balustrade pool fence is sure to elevate your space. You can also match the outdoor look with indoors glass balustrades on the stairs or balcony.

We hope this article helps you decide on a glass pool fence. To get a free quote for your glass fencing, contact AVI Glass at 0437 553 545. Our specialists are more than happy to help you start your project.