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Glass Pool Fencing Dandenong

5th Jul 2021 in Pool Fencing

Durable, Stylish Glass Pool Fencing In Dandenong

AVI Glass Fencing offers frameless glass pool fencing in Dandenong with excellent durability and timeless styles. If you are searching for solutions that create a sense of space and light, our frameless glass pool fencing solutions are ideal for you.

Pool fences have become the style statement of many properties in recent years. It can change the overall appeal of a property while making the pool secured for children and pets.

Are you searching for modern pool fencing solutions in Dandenong to secure your pool? At AVI Glass Fencing, we offer an excellent range of glass pool fencing for Dandenong properties.

We have nearly three decades of expertise in offering highly durable fencing solutions to our Dandenong customers.

You can choose from the following range of glass fencing solutions for your pool.

Frameless Pool Fencing

Our frameless pool fences are an ideal choice if you want an unrestricted view of your pool from anywhere on your property. It is also a great way to add modernity to your property, especially if your property features contemporary architecture.

The glass panels of the fences are mounted on mini-posts or spigots, made from stainless steel. The fences also feature a frameless glass gate with metal hinges for hassle-free access to the pool.

Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing

You can also choose semi-frameless pool fencing that can combine strength and style. These pool fences are an affordable way to secure your pool while giving a modern appeal to your property.

The glass panels are fixed on full height stainless steel posts that are drilled into the concrete or pool deck. You have the option to choose semi-frameless pool fences in different sizes and designs.

Framed Pool Fencing

Are you searching for framed stainless steel or aluminium pool fencing in Dandenong? Our framed pool fences are highly durable while not compromising the view of the property.

The frames are powder coated, and we can provide the powder coating in different colours based on your colour requirements.

What Makes Our Products Different?

At AVI Glass Fencing, we are focused on the priorities of our customers. You will find our fencing solutions will greatly meet your requirements with the following:

  • Quality Materials: We use superior quality glass and metal posts or frames to provide high-quality fencing solutions. When it comes to glass panels, we use 12mm toughened safety glass with polished edges for frameless pools and 10mm toughened glass for semi-frameless pools. The metal posts and frames are manufactured using 316 marine grade stainless steel.
  • Customisation Options: Do you want full-length pool fences with a unique design? AVI Glass Fencing offers customised pool fencing solutions that can complement the architecture of your property. Talk to our fencing specialists today to learn more.
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: Our fencing specialists will come to your property and install the fences in no time. All our fencing solutions come with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Transparent Service Experience: As the leading pool fencing suppliers in Dandenong, we offer a transparent service experience to our customers. You can contact us and request an upfront quote for our fencing solutions.

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