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Have A Melbourne Frameless Glass Balcony or Pool Fence You Can Be Proud Of

5th Jul 2021 in Pool Fencing

Imagine you’ve just remodelled your home, taking care to get the highest-quality materials and best architectural designs. Now, you need to install the perfect fence around your balcony, stairs or pool. Melbourne frameless glass provided by AVI Glass offers top-notch quality fencing, whether it’s around your pool or barricading your stairway.

AVI Glass offers frameless glass fencing that you can be proud to show off to friends and family. Here is all you need to know about our frameless glass fencing, in terms of both balustrades and pool fencing.

Why You Need Frameless Pool Fencing

Frameless glass fencing is one of the most elegant options you can choose to put around your pool. It’s functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, showing off your pool space and giving you a clear view of kids and pets.

Even if you’re cooking in the kitchen, you can have a clear view of your children from wherever they are in the pool. Also, the clean, minimalistic look of frameless glass fencing executes the contemporary style.

Get Custom Tailored Glass

Not only does AVI Glass offer Melbourne frameless glass, but we also provide a fully customisable service. You can choose your frameless fencing based on size, colour, design, and other requirements.

Customised glass fencing means that your fence will align perfectly with your pool design, rather than be a cookie-cutter solution. You want a barrier that will maximise the use of your space, rather than making it look cramped. Our certified and licensed frameless glass installers will ensure that you receive superior service and style.

Elevate Your Home with Frameless Glass Balustrades

Traditional metal-barred balconies can be an eye-sore, even in the most beautiful homes. For a more modern, sleek look, you should consider frameless glass balustrades. They create a seamless look while still providing top-notch safety. You can use them around balconies, stairwells, or other areas.

Benefits of Glass Balustrades

  • Installing glass balustrades gives you a timeless look that will last through the years.
  • The frameless design won’t clash with other architectural elements in your home.
  • Balustrades are made of high-quality glass that is relatively easy to clean and maintain.
  • Transparent glass gives you a beautiful view of your natural surroundings.
  • Durable enough for both exterior and interior use.

Meeting Safety Compliance Regulations

When you have your glass balustrades installed by AVI Glass, you can rest assured that it will meet safety standards. Our frameless glass panels meet the strict safety regulations of Australia Building Codes.

Why AVI Glass?

AVI Gass is the pioneer in Melbourne frameless glass installations. With nearly three decades of experience installing glass, we’re the leaders in our industry. Our products are made from toughened glass and metal components that are highly durable and damage-resistant.

We will guide you through the whole process from the initial consultation on frameless glass design to the installation itself. To get in touch with one of our specialists, drop us a line at (03) 9799 9005.