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Is Framed or Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Better for Property Value?

5th Jul 2021 in Pool Fencing

Glass fence pool fencing Mordialloc

Glass fence pool fencing is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to add value to your home. These modern and elegant accessories not only make your pool area safer; they also provide your property with a unique sense of style that’s sure to attract buyers.

Here at Aviglass, we offer a wide range of glass fencing options to people who want to access clear and unobstructed views of their pool area, without compromising on elegance or style.

One of the biggest questions our customers often ask is, “Will frameless, or framed glass pool fencing add more value to my home?”

Here’s how you can make that choice.

Framed Glass Fencing

Framed glass fence pool fencing is one of the most common options due to homeowners. This kind of glass fencing is versatile and convenient, with durable glass panels that are secured in place by stainless steel posts. Installing a framed fence offers a unique look, without compromising on durability or performance.

Regardless of the framed fence you choose, you’ll get benefits like:

  • Durable tempered glass that stays strong and secure over the years. If the glass ever does break, it won’t shatter into shares, which means your family is protected.
  • Affordable designs that deliver a sophisticated appearance without breaking your budget.
  • A clean and streamlined aesthetic appeal

Of course, while framed glass fences do deliver a good view, they’re not completely unobstructed. There are posts between each panel that can disrupt your view slightly.

Frameless Glass Fencing

Frameless glass fencing is often the top choice for anyone in search of a sophisticated and modern pool fence, completely without any bars or steel pols to obstruct your view. Frameless glass pool fencing offers the same security and sturdiness as framed glass, but with a more seamless aesthetic design. With frameless fencing you get:

  • No steel posts. This means that you get a smooth and clean appearance. It’s almost as though you have a semi-invisible barrier around your pool.
  • Excellent safety: There are no gaps or posts that children can climb over or squeeze through, ensuring that your pool stays safe.
  • Superb durability: Frameless glass fencing uses extra-thick toughened glass to withstand all physical impact.

On the other hand, frameless glass fencing can be a little more expensive than framed glass fencing, because they often require a more bespoke installation process. However, the good news is that these products usually last longer, because they demand less maintenance.

Glass fence pool fencing Mordialloc

Only you can know for sure what kind of glass fencing solution is best for your needs. Frameless and framed glass fences can both give you the peace and mind and durability that you’re searching for in a reliable fencing solution.

While frameless fencing is excellent for those who want an ultra-modern and incredibly sleek look, framed fencing could be a better choice for those with a budget or a traditional sense of style. Contact Aviglass today for more help choosing the fencing that’s right for you.