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Winter Pool Maintenance: Our Master Guide

5th Jul 2021 in Pool Fencing

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Having a pool at your home can help you stay fit, enjoy your time during the weekends, and entertain guests in style. That being said, those who live in colder climates often struggle to keep their pools in top shape during harsh winters.

We have a lot of experience in dealing with pools — seeing as we’re the top pool fence installers in Melbourne — so we decided to compile our knowledge here. This master guide is going to go over everything you need to know about winter pool maintenance.

If you read to the end, then your personal oasis will stay gorgeous year-round.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are the first thing that you need to cover in your winter maintenance regimen. Getting a pool cover will help keep out animals, debris, and snow which will ensure that no damage is done to your pool before spring comes around.

You should always check if your cover is attached to your pool securely so that it doesn’t come off during windy conditions. Tightening cables, securing clips, inflating the air pillow, and other similar precautions will help it stay in place even under extreme weather.

Debris shouldn’t be left to gather on your pool cover either. We’d recommend using your garden hose to wash away any plants, leaves, and twigs that may be building up on top of your pool cover. Be sure to rake excess snow off as well so the added weight doesn’t damage the cover.

Chemical Balance

Most people don’t want to drain their pool every winter since it’s too much of a hassle. That being the case, you should keep the water chemically balanced so that the pool stays clean until next spring.

Whenever you’re not using your pool for an extended period of time, we’d recommend that you check its chemistry every two months so that you can nip the problem in the bud if you notice any imbalances.

If you don’t keep the chemical balance just right, you’ll have to deal with the buildup of bacteria and algae in your pool — which will be difficult to handle once winter comes to a close. When it comes to maintenance, being proactive rather than reactive is the most important tip.

Freezing Issues

Those who live in areas that get freezing conditions during the winter should get a temperature sensor for their pool so that they have an early warning system. If the temperatures get dangerously low, then this sensor will send you an alert so that you can remedy the issue.

Downloading a weather app on your phone can also help since you’ll be able to see the forecasts and plan ahead for especially cold days. The last thing you want to do is neglect your pool temperature and discover cracked pipes when spring comes around.

Swimming pool fence

We hope this article helps you maintain your pool even during the coldest winter months. If you’re having trouble keeping your kids out of the pool amidst freezing weather, then you may want to call us at (03) 9799 9005 to get a stylish glass fence.