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Swimming Pool Fencing Victoria and South Morang

5th Jul 2021 in Pool Fencing

Swimming Pool Fencing Victoria and South Morang

For residents of Victoria and suburbs like South Morang, the perfect pool can be an incredible investment for the home. It’s not just a fantastic way to cool down during summer, but also an incredible activity that keeps the whole family active and makes some meaningful and precious memories in the process.

However, as enjoyable as a pool can be – it also comes with unique risks. That’s why it’s essential for anyone investing in a new swimming pool to also have the right fencing in place.

Fortunately, here at Avi Glass Fencing, we have just the solution for you!

Our glass swimming pool fencing gives you an elegant solution to this safety and security must-have. With our durable, frameless glass fencing, you can protect your children, pets and other loved ones from accidents, without disrupting the aesthetic appeal of your pool area.

Dive into Better Property Value

Avi Glass Fencing solutions allow you to explore a wide selection of incredible glass fencing solutions, designed to take your Victoria property to the next level.

Whether you choose frameless glass fencing, Balustrade railings, or something else entirely, you can rest assured that you’ll maintain a fantastic uninterrupted view of your pool exterior, without compromising on safety and security.

Each of our fencing solutions enhances the value and appearance of your property in seconds. You can even install the same fencing around your balcony, deck or staircase, for the perfect aesthetic throughout your home.

Because we use 10 – 12mm toughened glass panels in all our fences, you know that you’re not just getting a design that looks great – you’re also getting something that you can trust to stand the test of time. The 316 marine-grade steel mini-posts also ensure that your fence remains durable and safe – even in stormiest weather.

At Avi Glass Fencing, our aim is to offer a timeless solution to the problem of pool safety.

Framed Glass Fences

We also offer a range of stylish, framed glass fences for people who appreciate added security with metal frames. The fences come with high-quality panels framed by powder coated aluminium or a stainless steel frame.

You have the option to choose powder coating in an extensive range of colours. The glass fences are also available in a number of designs, and our fencing specialists are happy to provide you with custom glass fence designs as well.

The Perfect Glass Fencing

Our swimming pool fencing Victoria and South Morang products come in a range of styles – from completely frameless products that make you feel as though you’re looking through a window, to sophisticated framed designs.

Our semi-frameless glass fencing options offer an excellent combination of style and durability when updating your property. They’re a great choice if you want an affordable fencing solution, without compromising on elegance. You can even choose the design of your posts for the perfect finishing touch or adjust your design according to colour and size.

If you decide to choose a full-frame fencing option, then you have the choice of aluminium or stainless steel frames, for a fashionable design that works in virtually any home. We often recommend framed glass fencing for those who need a much sturdier option for their homes.

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The stylish and ornate glass fencing that you’ve always wanted for your home is waiting for you!

Whether you’re searching for incredible strength with a full stainless steel frame or a frameless option that’s almost invisible, the team at Avi Glass Fencing can help.

Visit our showroom and check out the incredible range of products for yourself or contact our local fencing experts in Victoria at (03) 9799 9005.

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