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A Guide to Glass Pool Fences

5th Jul 2021 in Pool Fencing

Mount Martha Glass Pool Fences

Pool fencing is a great addition to any residential pool. It spices up the layout and adds a factor of safety to the pool area. With it, you can prevent a lot of falling accidents from happening.

A glass pool safety fence is a common choice for pool fencing. While there are a lot of options out there, glass is typically chosen because of versatility and hardiness while also being a clean and modern design element.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about glass pool fences and help you decide if this is the right kind of pool fence for you.

Glass Pool Safety Design

Glass pool fences are generally offered in two styles: frameless and semi-frameless.

Frameless glass fences, as the name suggests, do not require framing made of another material and is the least obtrusive. In this design, the glass panels are typically held in place by metal brackets at the bottom. This is the most popular style among pool owners as it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Semi-frameless glass fences have metal posts in between each glass panel for additional support. These may be more obtrusive and less aesthetically pleasing than frameless glass fences, but they are more durable and are suitable for areas that usually experience strong winds.


These fences utilize tempered glass panels that are usually between 6mm to 18mm thick. Tempered glass is ideal for these applications because it is heat resistant and scratches less easily. It also makes these fences significantly more durable and last for a long time with regular maintenance. Since the glass is made to be able to withstand a certain amount of force, it is not very easy to shatter. You won’t have to worry about the fence breaking or being a hazard to your family.

Unlike aluminum fences, glass fences provide a completely clear view of the pool area. Having an unobstructed view of the pool will allow you to easily supervise your children while they are swimming without having to actually be in the water.

Glass can also make your space look bigger and gives that feeling of openness. It provides a cleaner and more modern look that steel or wood fences cannot easily provide.

Cleaning and Maintenance

While glass pool safety fences provide many advantages both in aesthetics and visibility, they typically require more work to keep clean and maintain. Glass fences may be durable but they can be prone to scratches. When cleaning, be sure to use a sponge or microfiber cloth to avoid leaving any unwanted marks. If you plan on using any sort of glass cleaning solution, avoid formulas that have strong or highly acidic chemicals since they may cause irreversible damage to the glass.

The location of your pool largely affects how often you need to clean your fence as it dictates how fast dirt begins to accumulate and becomes visible. If you live relatively near a beach or a body of salt water, you may need to clean the glass quite regularly because of salt build-up. The salt can damage and scratch your glass as well as rust any metal parts on your fence if not attended to.

Mount Martha Glass Pool Fences

We hope that this article helps you make a decision about the kind of fencing you’d want to have for your pool. Don’t hesitate to call us at (03) 9799 9005 if you decide to get your own stylish glass pool fence installed.

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